Trial to support the circular economy by increasing alternative fuel at Angaston Works

As part of our commitment to the circular economy, Adbri Cement is conducting a trial at our manufacturing facility at Angaston to increase the use of alternative fuel in the clinker kiln.

The Environment Protection Authority-approved trial starts Monday, 8 May.

EPA approval for the trial to proceed was given on 29 March, 2023.

Replacing gas (which is a fossil fuel) by using more Recycled Used Oil (RUO) would further support the circular economy.

We have been safely using RUO at Angaston for more than 10 years. During this time, we have used more than 12 million litres of RUO – which would otherwise have gone to waste disposal – to contribute to powering our Australian manufacturing facility.

The goal of Adbri Cement’s parent company, Adbri, is to be Australia’s lowest carbon local cement manufacturer.

Cement and concrete are critical in the transition to a low carbon economy, as they provide the foundations of wind turbines, pumped hydro dams, tidal power installations, electricity transmission, distribution and sub-stations as well as in the mining of copper and lithium.

The trial at Angaston will be in two stages.

Stage 1 is an engineering stage and is proposed to involve up to three trial periods, each consisting of a total of 48 hours duration. Each trial period will take place over approximately one week (7 – 10 days). The maximum sustainable RUO rate will be determined, along with process monitoring and safeguards consistent with those observed during normal operations.

Stage 2 is a single extended trial of up to 5 days at the higher RUO utilisation rate, where comprehensive independent stack emissions testing will be undertaken, followed by analysis of the results.

Stage 1 of the trial will last for about two months and Stage 2 (including receiving the results of the stack testing) will take about another 3 months.

Adbri is a major contributor to the Australian economy, including contributing $15.2 million p.a. in gross value-add to the Barossa council region.

We will keep you posted on the outcomes of this exciting trial.