Operating licence

Adelaide Brighton is licenced under the Environmental Protection Act 1993 to operate a cement works at the Angaston site.

The main licensed activities at the site are:

  • Cement works
  • Crushing grinding and milling raw materials and clinker
  • Fuel burning: rate of heat released exceeding 5 megawatts
  • Unloading raw materials, loading of cement
  • Activities producing listed wastes, i.e. kiln dust

See our EPA Licence

The object of the Operating Licence is to minimise emissions and impacts associated with the operation of the cement and quicklime manufacturing facility. The Operating Licence requires us to operate our cement and quicklime works in compliance with specified emission limits and to monitor and report on the environmental performance.

Operating Licence Management Plans

As part of our EPA Operating Licence, we are required to publish our environmental management plans.

These plan can be viewed below:

Angaston Dust Management Plan

Angaston Noise Management Plan

Angaston Stack Particle Management Plan